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Eid is coming

In the last week of the month of Ramadn, Muslim houses have more chores to do than usual.

Let’s clean the house, bake Eid cookies, buy new clothes and shoes, and do not forget to pay zakat alfitr (which is a small amount of money given to the poor to help them getting ready to celebrate Eid)

But have you ever think what little kids might be thinking about Eid ?
My daughter is happy to know that in Eid, we get new stuff, we eat yummy food and have nice family time together. She has also learned about the month of Ramadan and insisted on waiting till Iftar time, to join us, though she’s got her dinner and dessert earlier. But these days, she started asking me; what’s after the month of Ramadn? and I told her; we will celebrate Eid.

Then my little daughter asked me; Why do we celebrate Eid?

For the first time, I realised that , even for children, celebrations might have not only material significance but a spiritual one.

I simply explained to her that God has gifted us with two Eids. Eid alfitr is the first celebration.  We celebrate Eid because we’ve been fasting for thirty days from early morning to early evening. While being fasting, we do our regular work, go to schools, do all house chores and cook those delicious yummy food without tasting it until Iftar (break fast). We see food and water and even when it is too hot, we do not think about tasting them. We read quran more, pray more and do our best to be good. Why do you think we do all these things?

All these things we do because we believe in God and love Him. This shows our obedience to God as we can abstain from all these life pleasures for certain hours everyday for the sake of being committed to our religion. This is why we celebrate Eid, we celebrate our commitment to be good Muslims. Hence; the first thing we do in our Eid celebrations is to pray at the mosque to ask God to accept our fasting, thank Him for the gift of Eid and to share our happiness with everyone else.

My daughter was happy and I think she’s got the answer she was looking for.

Why not we too ask ourselves; why do we celebrate Eid? do we celebrate our obedience to the Creator and our strength against our ego? Do we celebrate our ability to purify our soul and simplify our life? What changes do we celebrate this Eid that can take us forward to an elevated life? May be if we think about these questions, we can enjoy the best Eid ever!

Still have time, three or may be four more days for Eid.
Wishing you all Eid mubarak