It’s almost holiday!

We are about to start school holiday but how fast this year has passed! It is true that time flies. 

 I remember the first day and our shopping list for school uniform and other stuff . I remeber children being worried and excited, and our prayers and wishes for a succeful and pleasent year. 

Year has gone but we have saved a file, either electonic or emotional inside our mind and heart. The file has saved our memories of school photos, reports, parents’evenings and assemblies, certificates and awards and probably phone calls for inappropriate behaviour. 

Both children and parents have grown and shared this year with all its goodness and badness.  Parents would shout, praise, reproach, ask why, when and where, and surly set their alarm clock because it’s bed time, school time and home time. On the other side, children would either listen or not, deny or admit and appreciate or take things for granted, and study hard or skipping to save an hour for free time. 

Within all these moments; Is it not a woderful experience to see your beloved ones, who were once little babies, grow, learn, argue and express themselves? 

Is it not a great blessing how we, as parents, have also grown and been seeing our children around us changing everyday? 

Is it not amazing how we, parents, have managed to fulfil this year responsibilites, promises and support to our beloved ones? Or at least have done our best! 

Thanks God for all these blessings! 

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday!