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The ultimate sophistication







Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo DaVinci

We might agree or disagree with this view, but this depends on how we understand it.

I read this quote on a photo of two old neighbours, talking together,  in a place that looks like an old rural lane. I wondered how can simplicity be the ultimate sophistication, but the photo explains a lot because not all people can appreciate such a simple life.

Simplicity is not a simple process; it’s sophisticated. To sit on the road to talk with a neighbour and feel such peace,  just like the two women in the photo, requires a simple way of being.

Simplicity is one of the writing techniques or a recommended one, but a simple piece can also be the most sophisticated.

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The most pleasant






One day a traveller asked a countryman; what’s the most pleasant thing in life?

He replied;

To tease the beloved,

To talk with a friend,

And to have hopes for tomorrow.


That’s a point of view, but of course, we can have ours too.

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I found this photo in a post on facebook about happiness and simple life. At the beginning, I didn’t know why I liked the photo more than the post. My eyes kept scrutinising everything; the old pieces of furniture,  the cracks and scratches on the wall and the floor, the little chicks picking the grains, that old broom, the clear sky, the children playing, the infant taking the first step, the mother leaning, the granny kneeling and their faces radiant with joy

Now I know why I liked it more because it reminded me of my grandfather’s house. It was a very big house in the village but it was so old too. All of us, his grandchildren, we were so many, always asked him to renew the place,  just add a modern touch to that old building, we would always suggest. But he would never do; he liked his house the way it was. Honestly, though we would prefer that our grandfather would have a modern house, we really enjoyed every moment of our holiday together there.

I’ve heard that nowadays some people prefer to spend their holidays in simple country houses. This means that simplicity is recommended as a modern recreation option. I’m not sure if my children would agree? My daughter would do, I know, especially if there are those peeping little animals around. The boys definitely, absolutely,  certainly would never; but if Wi-Fi is available, miracles could happen.

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