New house







How many times did we move to a new house? 🤔 don’t count, please!


This is not because of me ( sometimes not always) but our circumstances change: having children, finishing studies, my husband starting a new job in a different city, problems in old house, …


When my children watched their old photos, they would say; how many times did we move mama? That house was the best? Yes, we remembered that doll’s flat, we cannot remember that one, we were too little, … it’s fun to talk about moving but it’s really a hard time: packing, unpacking, tidying, cleaning, changing address, and endless list of chores


Our new house key lock is so hard, it takes time to open the door, sometimes it’s stuck. My son gave up, every time texted me; open the door mama, I’m very close. I would have ignored his text and let him try till he open it, but it might end up with an extra charge for door damage.



Though different but this reminds me of our first flat at university accommodation which was like a maze; every time when coming back, I tried hard to open the door, and it refused, no way it insisted, until I gave up, raising up my face, oops It wasn’t ours. When we became friends, I told my neighbour about those countless numbers when I thought hers was mine; ‘ I have never noticed that,’ she said, ‘ and ‘ this is why we become friends,’ I thought.


Wishing you all the best,







Children Imagination

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Children has a wild imagination which is really nice, good and interesting but sometimes this imagination, instead of being fun, turns your day or may be your week upside down. Here comes the problem!

One day, my daughter’s friend told her that a bone was stuck in her throat and she went to see her doctor, he got it out and she was fine, playing and happy; a simple tale (may be made up by her friend), but it wasn’t so for my daughter; she listened and imagined the process, stored the details in her brain for later which was not that far.

She imagined everything, she ate or would eat, would be stuck in her throat, vegetables in her soup, mashed potato, everything soft or hard; how long I explained and how she  listened carefully was good, really good, at least her panic was a bit relieved and she would eat little and go to play, but soon she would come back, crying, repeating the whole story.

Finally I explained how her body is very clever; there is a liquid inside her mouth (is it Saliva? I think so) helps her sharp teeth  mash and ground all of what she eats, some water or juice will do a great job to also help her strong tongue swallow and push everything through her throat straight away into her stomach. And it works.

‘Of course nothing could ever be stuck in my throat,’ she boasted.

‘Yes, and thank God,’ I prayed.

Wishing you all the best,


Reward or Support

There are still about 5 months left for the month of Ramadan, but today one of the songs has refreshed some precious memories into my mind and heart.

My boys started practicing fasting early and gradually. The hardest time for them was when we have this once in a year beloved visitor during the summer, days become too long,  the dawn so early, and the dusk so late.

One year, my middle son was doing very well though he’s always impatient, would have a hundred snacks per day, full of energy and never listen if I ask him to have a nap at noon or play indoor. One day when it was too hot, he came asking for money to buy a new mini sweetie juice that one of his friends was drinking and enjoying so much and ‘ I’ll have it after our Iftar (breakfast),’ he said. After he got the juice, he disappeared in his room and when his brother and friends came inquiring if he would join them, he shouted from upstairs ‘I’m tired, won’t play.’ This was weird, wasn’t it?

I went to his room, he was lying down in his bed, when I asked him if there was anything wrong; ‘ just tired mama tired,’ I sat at the edge of his bed,  my eyes were trying to find out where was that juice. ‘ Won’t you show me this sweetie special juice?’ I asked. He quietly got up and brought it from behind the curtains.  I knew that he was not tired but sad, deeply sad.  His fingers and lips and the juice were blue.

‘Did you drink it?’

‘No, I didn’t,’ he said without looking at me

‘ But why your fingers and lips are blue?’

He couldn’t lie anymore, he went to the mirror and stuck his tongue out, it was all blue. He told me that he wanted to smell it, pulled the lid up with his teeth, he accidentally squeezed the bottle and the juice splashed into his mouth. ‘I didn’t want to drink it mama, just smell it,’ how he cried and how sad he looked really broke my heart.

‘It was a mistake, my son and I did dozen like this when I was in your age.’

‘ I’m still fasting,’

‘Yes, even if you do this when you’re a grown-up, you’re still fasting.’

‘Can I go and play now?’

‘But you’re tired.’

‘Not anymore.’

In another year, my elder son, was about 14 years old when he came back from school, telling me his news, picked up a large glass, opened the cold water tap, filled it up to the top, and drank it all in one gulp, leave not even a drop, I was looking at him, puzzled;

‘Couldn’t you fast today?’

‘Of course I’m fasting, it was too hot but I’m ok.’

‘Of-course you’re, you’ve just drank a full glass of water!’

‘Oops, I forgot!’

Was it a reward for patience? Was it a support from the Merciful? I believe it was both.

Wishing you all the best,





Tastes differ!



Yesterday I read a couple of interesting posts about food which inspired me to join the club and write something about the same topic but in different way.

Sometimes parents force their children to eat certain food even if those little ones’ tears run down their innocent faces asking for mercy not to eat it. But we ‘parents’ believe that if we don’t do that we won’t be good parents and we won’t be caring that much about our beloved children. We also wonder if we like that food, how come they don’t like it? We think if it’s important and healthy for our bodies, they have to eat it. And we keep thinking a lot ignoring the fact that the child might get all that benefits from another source of food, something they like its taste and smell.

My older son doesn’t like mango at all and hates its smell; I really couldn’t understand how come he wouldn’t like this juicy sweetie fruit which I adored? One day I forced him to eat a tiny bit just to know its taste hoping he might change his mind. But this was the worst idea ever because he felt sick and was very upset. What was for me juicy and sweetie was for him slimy and gross, it was as if all his senses hated it and refused to welcome any of its nutrients to get inside his body. But at that day, I wondered why I forced him in the first place especially as I had similar experience with another kind of food?

When I was little; I didn’t like the smell of cooked liver; it made me feel sick and I would definitely never taste it. The day we had cooked liver for dinner was my worst day ever as everything would smell liver: bread, rice, salad, plates, spoons, towels, etc. I don’t remember that my parents had forced me to eat it, but my mother used to make some tricks like changing the way she cooked it or giving her dish a new name. But I would always find out the truth even before tasting the meal as its smell is so distinguishable; something that could never be concealed. When getting older, I learned about the function of liver in science class and I really felt grateful that I had never tasted it. Honestly, I have never cooked liver in my house for my husband and children and I don’t know how to buy it. But they do eat it at their grandparents’ house; just little portions and I would never ask them to have more.

I know different stories about people of different age group who don’t like other kinds of food, for example: milk, fish, cheese, tomatoes, etc but this doesn’t mean that it’s the food being tasted is itself bad or horrible. It’s just something inside our bodies that do not accept that food. There are taste preferences and aversions and there should be a space for letting others make their own choice as what you adore, others might abhor!

What do you think?

Wishing you all the best,


Parents’ evening

Parents’ evening is a good opportunity to know about your children progress at school and to know what their teachers and friends see and tell about them away from their parents’ eyes.

Academic achievements is always the main concern of most parents. Most of us would probably ask; how far my son or daughter is doing in Math, science, English and other subjects? what does he/ she need to get better? However, as well as children’s reports would be different, also parents’ attitudes towards these evenings are different. Actually, this is very interesting for me.

One of my friends told me once that her parents had never attended any parents’ evenings; they were more concerned about the end of year results or the marks she got at any exam and because she was doing well; they had never attended any of those evenings. This does not mean that they didn’t care but their point of view is that everything will be reflected in their school reports.

Other parents, would never miss out any parents’ evenings. They get their golden opportunity  to explode with all those negative thoughts about their children or the school. This group usually take more than the expected time for a meeting. Last year, my husband told me that one of the parents kept arguing and arguing; apparently he was complaining either about his child’s performance or the school in general. Those parents also care about their children but this is their way to complain to make sure that their children get the best of everything even if this was not possible either from the perspective of a school or the abilities of children.

Is there other group? Yes there is those parents always happy to attend and to meet with the teachers; they might be a bit late but it does not matter, they come any way. For them everything is positive and wonderful and they can not wait to spread the good news about their children’s wonderful performance at school ignoring that there was a tiny missing part of the story about their children being a bit behind or any other educational issue. They also care but they have their special way!

Who else do I see? Actually , I see us, and there are many like us, who also would try to attend all meetings as far as we can, but who also do not talk too much. We usually finish within the time or may be earlier. We listen more than we talk and this is why I think we usually finish early. We, and many other parents, believe that the academic performance is important but we also believe that the way teachers talk, and the expressions they show about our children is important too. I feel happy when I see their teachers’ big smile and feel the affection and joy in their voices while talking about my children which is the best thing any parent should be proud of.

Next time when you have a parents’ evening at your children’s school, remember to watch how parents would act while waiting for your turn.

Parents have different philosophies, haven’t they?

Wishing you all the best,


Five pound



Though our dinner time always start peacefully, it has become my son’s habit to start teasing his little sister just before he finishes eating. There is 8 years gap between them but he always finds it funny to annoy her though he is not doing the same with his brother who is just 2 years older. How is this related to the 5 pound note? This is what I am going to explain now:

Yesterday, when having our dinner, I was not in that good mood and I did not expect to be that patient when watching one laughing and the other screaming. So I thought about discussing something and I started telling them something that though had happened last week but had just came to mind at that moment. I said:

“Last week when I was waiting for the bus to pick up Mariam (my daughter) from school, I saw a young man quickened his pace as if he was going to catch the bus though no bus at the bus stop. But he suddenly bend over and snatched a £5 note from the ground. He really picked it up so quickly as if he was snatching it and hid it in his pocket. He then walked more quickly and disappeared.”

My sons said: “What did you expect mama?”

I said: “Well, since it was not a clear scene, I expected that he would ask me or ask the old man that was just a few steps ahead if it was ours but he didn’t! I thought that the old man probably had dropped it as I was there for about a few minutes and I was totally sure there was nothing on the ground.  Also, it was not mine as I had not got any on that day.” I then asked: “What about you? What would you do?”

My older son kept quiet which was really the best thing to do at that time. It was my middle son who started arguing explaining everybody would do the same and nobody is going to ask; “Is this yours?” “It was just a £5 not £1000 mama”, he said.  Then he started questioning me:  if it was you or the other man seeing it first, wouldn’t you take it? Why did anyone leave it? It did not belong to any one.”

I replied:”Yes it did not belong to anyone and I just guessed that it was the other man’s. And yes it was not a classroom or a school so you know where to ask. But I just wondered why he did not even look round and pretend that he wouldn’t take it.”

Before my son say anything, my daughter decided to join in giving her own opinion which would definitely oppose her brother’s and make him wrong: “No we do not take it. It’s not ours”, she said. And this was the straw that broke the camel’s back as they remembered they had not practiced their everyday habit and they started all over again.

Was it better if we did not discuss any topic at dinner time?

All the best,



School is Tomorrow!



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”Have a nice holiday!”

” We should arrange to meet up one day during the holidays.”

This was how the summer holiday started when parents usually exchange their best wishes at school gate. But; can you believe that this was a month and a half ago! Time really flies!

Time goes too fast as if we are getting the fastest high speed train in the world where we get on and off according to the different stages that we experience in our life. A month and a half ago, we got off at “School holiday” . Soon, we were getting on again to continue our life express train journey and to get off again but this time at “Back to school.”

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In between these two stops; wouldn’t it be great to close our eyes for a while and think! What can we see? What thoughts do we have? Holidays are wonderful opportunity for family time and taking photos to save those happy moments but please don’t forget to think about them too!

Let’s think about the last stop” School holiday”:

For me;

I can see how my children though have become more independent but also become closer to us (their parents).

I can see how it made my day when I met with new people or received kind words from old or new acquaintances even if it was online.

I can see how kindness is always rewarded by more kindness even if it’s just a swing!

I can see how happiness is so simple! even if there is No Internet Zone

I can see how if you think you know everything, you know nothing! A lesson from Penguins!

I can see how celebrations are not merely to have new stuff, go out, and pay more. We can not fully enjoy our celebrations without understanding their significance! This is Why do we celebrate Eid?

I can see that most of the time when reading other’s thoughts, I realise how we do share lots of common things. Actually, similarities are more than differences!

I can see lots of other things but that would be too much for You; my readers.

What about you? What can you see?

Now we are approaching a new Stop: ” Back to school.”

Let’s see how fast it would go and what thoughts would inspire us this year?

I wish all of our children a pleasant and successful school year!

With my best wishes,