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The Tortoise and the Hare

Yesterday I asked my daughter:

If there is a second part to the tortoise and the hare story in which they will decide to go for another competition, who do you think will win?

While she was thinking, i said in my head the Hare. Surely he would have learned the lesson. He would never think to have a nap under the same tree. No way.

The tortoise, my daughter said and i looked at her surprised.

How? I asked believing the hare would never repeat the same mistake.

The Hare will copy the tortoise and crawl all the way next to her.

Why? I asked still surprised

Because she had won the first race and he thought if he followed her pace, he would too

Any why do you think it did not work with him?

Because his legs hurt. He got different legs to those of the tortoise. So he became very very tired and had some rest under the tree and fell asleep again.

Oh poor hare! Surely he was very disappointed, i said

No, he was not, my daughter said

Why? I asked.

Because he wasn’t himself in the race this time, my daughter said

Don’t understand, i said

He was pretending to be the tortoise but this can’t be. He should be himself, the hare, to win, my daughter said.

Good point! I smiled

Children will always give us wonderful lessons.

Wishing you all the best,


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Children Imagination

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Children has a wild imagination which is really nice, good and interesting but sometimes this imagination, instead of being fun, turns your day or may be your week upside down. Here comes the problem!

One day, my daughter’s friend told her that a bone was stuck in her throat and she went to see her doctor, he got it out and she was fine, playing and happy; a simple tale (may be made up by her friend), but it wasn’t so for my daughter; she listened and imagined the process, stored the details in her brain for later which was not that far.

She imagined everything, she ate or would eat, would be stuck in her throat, vegetables in her soup, mashed potato, everything soft or hard; how long I explained and how she  listened carefully was good, really good, at least her panic was a bit relieved and she would eat little and go to play, but soon she would come back, crying, repeating the whole story.

Finally I explained how her body is very clever; there is a liquid inside her mouth (is it Saliva? I think so) helps her sharp teeth  mash and ground all of what she eats, some water or juice will do a great job to also help her strong tongue swallow and push everything through her throat straight away into her stomach. And it works.

‘Of course nothing could ever be stuck in my throat,’ she boasted.

‘Yes, and thank God,’ I prayed.

Wishing you all the best,



How would you like to look like?


Have you ever felt that you can hardly tell if this is the real colour of eye, hair, and skin of the person you are talking to or seeing. And unless you know them, you can not even guess their age?

Definitely, everyone has the right to choose the look that satisfy one’s physical, psychological, social, religious, … needs. And i am not saying that we, especially women, should answer the question; How Old Are You?
I have just been concerned about how beauty and cosmetic industry has been used to hide ourselves not just from others but from our own selves. Some people can no longer believe that they are beautiful unless they change their appearance. Others may feel socially inferior if they do not change their look or the opposite they may believe they are highly civilised and more confident when they change their appearance? And sometimes, others refuse to admit that they are getting old and decide to look and live young. In other words, the new marketing of beauty as a commodity, make some, if not many, people refuse to admit that beauty is not limited to shape, look and age group. There is the inner beauty that would make us look beautiful, feel young and build self-esteem!
Let’s ask; how would a person perceive herself/himself when looking at any mirror and see a totally different person; no defects, no wrinkles and facial features have been adjusted and polished. No wonder that such a person would feel 100 percent amazed, happy and wonderful. But for how long will this excitement last? And for how long will that person deny that human perfection is impossible and beauty is a relative concept? Why not thinking that having brown eye colour is as beautiful as having them green, blue, or black. And having grey hair is an indication of a new stage in life that could be as wonderful as that of a young adult or teenager.

My sister once told me about her friend who used to wear full make because she thought she was not that beautiful. Unfortunately, when she married, she had to keep this amazing beautiful look 24 hours everyday because her husband did not know how she really looked like. However, this could not last and he discovered her real image which he did know and their life turned upside down. I have no idea if they were divorced or not?

This is the same with some old people who do their best and pay fortunes to look young, though they would definitely face sarcastic jokes that would also turn their life upside down.
Looking after one’s body, keeping heathy, staying hygienic and feeling good and looking nice, by all means, are wonderful things that would keep our life going smoothly and peacefully. However, using cosmetic products to challenge, conceal and deny who and how we really are, could result in a real regret in our life.
Therefore, if you ever think about ; how would you like to look? Would you try these advices which i have been thinking for you and me;

Love how you are and think “ why?” before changing your appearance.
We have been created different but equal,
Different in colour, shape , size and age but equal so no need to feel inferior or suffer from low self-esteem.
Enjoy every stage in your life and respect your age.
Feel young but do not pretend to be,
Welcome the days when being grand parents or retired.
Use beauty products and choose the brands you like to add fun, enjoyment, and love to your life but let yourself and others believe that you are beautiful without them too!
It’s you who are beautiful not your makeup sets or a cosmetic expert or clinic that make you pretty.
Remember that a smiley face, kind heart, and pure soul could create a fabulous appearance and great impressions.
Finally don’t say your AGE and don’t hide from it either!
All the best,



It’s almost holiday!

We are about to start school holiday but how fast this year has passed! It is true that time flies. 

 I remember the first day and our shopping list for school uniform and other stuff . I remeber children being worried and excited, and our prayers and wishes for a succeful and pleasent year. 

Year has gone but we have saved a file, either electonic or emotional inside our mind and heart. The file has saved our memories of school photos, reports, parents’evenings and assemblies, certificates and awards and probably phone calls for inappropriate behaviour. 

Both children and parents have grown and shared this year with all its goodness and badness.  Parents would shout, praise, reproach, ask why, when and where, and surly set their alarm clock because it’s bed time, school time and home time. On the other side, children would either listen or not, deny or admit and appreciate or take things for granted, and study hard or skipping to save an hour for free time. 

Within all these moments; Is it not a woderful experience to see your beloved ones, who were once little babies, grow, learn, argue and express themselves? 

Is it not a great blessing how we, as parents, have also grown and been seeing our children around us changing everyday? 

Is it not amazing how we, parents, have managed to fulfil this year responsibilites, promises and support to our beloved ones? Or at least have done our best! 

Thanks God for all these blessings! 

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday! 


Why blogging? Why pure and simple?



IMG_0796Social media for me is not really that important. When I decided to have a facebook account, it was, honestly, for two reasons; the first was to keep an eye on my boys who decided to have one. I did not want to spy on them but I just was too curious to know how they would use it.  The second was to keep in touch with my family and friends.

I have no idea what is blogging and how to have one? And i really still need more time to know well about it. It was one day when watching a video on youtube, I noticed the word blog. Actually, at the same time, i was thinking about writing and publishing, sending my work to online magazines. Both of these indicents  resulted in me joining  the world of bloggig where i can write, publish, and read others’ work; it’s more than an interest, it’s a choice, and a good way to have a productive spare time.

As for pure and simple, it was within the first couple of minutes, i decided to have this title. These were the first two words that came to my mind. I like simplicity; Complex and  complicatecd are too hard for me even in cooking! And I like purity and its meaning for me reflects what is good, honest, clear, bright …

I like to keep my life simple and hope to live purely as far as i can!



Why writing? 

Have you ever experienced that you can see and hear those who you are reading their books or piece of writing? I think this is a common thing and I am not writing about an odd phenomenon. 

When one reads, one can, somtimes feel that the front cover photos of authors are notWhy Writing? 

Have you ever experienced that you can see

and hear those who you are reading their books or piece of writing?
I think this is a common thing and I am not writing about an odd phenomenon. 
When one reads, one can, sometimes, feel that the front cover photos of authors are not just images but real; they are talking, walking and breathing. This is not just about historical persons or well known authors who you’ve never met before; but even in our chatting and comments on social media with friends, relatives or others. People’s voices and images can be vividly reflected through their writings. One can see their faces and hear their voices through what they write. And why not to say that we know others better through what they write. There is a well known saying or a wisdom in Arabic said; “talk to be known “and what is writing about? It is another method of talking to others as well as ourselves. 

What is so special about writing?  

Is it not true that not every person can write? 

Not every writing is worth reading? 

Not every writer is honest in what he/she writes about? 

Some may write to entertain, to practise a hobby, to earn living, to show off, to teach and instruct, to reflect on an experience, to talk about special thoughts and for many other reasons…
But not all those, who write, can live in what they write or touch thr hearts? 

Why is it always said that great authors have never died? As once you read their books, you can see them, hear them, live with them, and learn from them. When I was reading Gandhi’s book, for example, I could hear him speaking and imagine vividly how he lived. 
Do you ever feel that what you read is a false writing? Or in other words do you ever feel when one is lying, acting or even worse copying others in his/her writing. In scientific research, plagiarism is easily discovered when a researcher use and copy others’ work without any reference. This is considered a theft in scientific research and the researcher might not be awarded his/her degree for this dishonest behaviour. But in general in our daily reading, have you ever feel that there is something wrong about that piece of writing, comments, emails or even chatting? when, sometimes, you wonder why you can not follow that book any more or you say this is a strange email or an unusual comment? 
When we can not see faces or hear voices, something like higher transparency can guide us to perceive what is real or fake about what has been written. We do not need a software to discover honest writings. We just need to be ourselves, to be true readers, honest learners and to think about what we read. There may be an inner sense, our subconscious mind or better than all, heaven guidance that would direct us to see and feel better than our conscious senses if we really care. 
This is the truth; Writing is definitely so special. And if one likes writing why not thinking: am i going to write a pure honest piece that will live and help others as well as myself to live or just a fake one just to waste the time of those who do not care? 
Just a thought!


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Eid is coming

In the last week of the month of Ramadn, Muslim houses have more chores to do than usual.

Let’s clean the house, bake Eid cookies, buy new clothes and shoes, and do not forget to pay zakat alfitr (which is a small amount of money given to the poor to help them getting ready to celebrate Eid)

But have you ever think what little kids might be thinking about Eid ?
My daughter is happy to know that in Eid, we get new stuff, we eat yummy food and have nice family time together. She has also learned about the month of Ramadan and insisted on waiting till Iftar time, to join us, though she’s got her dinner and dessert earlier. But these days, she started asking me; what’s after the month of Ramadn? and I told her; we will celebrate Eid.

Then my little daughter asked me; Why do we celebrate Eid?

For the first time, I realised that , even for children, celebrations might have not only material significance but a spiritual one.

I simply explained to her that God has gifted us with two Eids. Eid alfitr is the first celebration.  We celebrate Eid because we’ve been fasting for thirty days from early morning to early evening. While being fasting, we do our regular work, go to schools, do all house chores and cook those delicious yummy food without tasting it until Iftar (break fast). We see food and water and even when it is too hot, we do not think about tasting them. We read quran more, pray more and do our best to be good. Why do you think we do all these things?

All these things we do because we believe in God and love Him. This shows our obedience to God as we can abstain from all these life pleasures for certain hours everyday for the sake of being committed to our religion. This is why we celebrate Eid, we celebrate our commitment to be good Muslims. Hence; the first thing we do in our Eid celebrations is to pray at the mosque to ask God to accept our fasting, thank Him for the gift of Eid and to share our happiness with everyone else.

My daughter was happy and I think she’s got the answer she was looking for.

Why not we too ask ourselves; why do we celebrate Eid? do we celebrate our obedience to the Creator and our strength against our ego? Do we celebrate our ability to purify our soul and simplify our life? What changes do we celebrate this Eid that can take us forward to an elevated life? May be if we think about these questions, we can enjoy the best Eid ever!

Still have time, three or may be four more days for Eid.
Wishing you all Eid mubarak



قصة الاخوين

IMG_0487قصص القرءان الكريم كلها جميلة
منها قصة الاخوين

قصص القرءان الكريم كلها جميلة
منها قصة الاخوين
ابناء ادم عليه و على رسولنا ورسل الله جميعا الصلاة والسلام

كم كان كلام هابيل هادءا طيبا صادقا
فقال “انما يتقبل الله من المتقين”
و قال “انى اخاف الله رب العالمين”
والله وجوه ناضرة
وقلوب طيبة
و نفوس هادءة

و كم كان قابيل حاسداً عنيفاً كاذباً
فرد قاءلا “لاقتلنك”
والله يعرف المجرمون بسيماهم
وجوههم مسودة
و حياتهم جحيم
نفاق و حسد و تجسس ومكر

لا اعرف ان كان الشر يدرس فى علم النفس
قد يكون من الحالات النفسية المرضية المزمنة

و لا اعرف كيف كثر قابيل فى هذا الزمن
مع اننا تعلمنا منذ الصغر ونعلم ابناءنا
ايالك اياك ان تكون مثل قابيل!

لكنى اعرف جيدا كيف خسر قابيل حياته واخرته
واصبح رمزا للشر واخرته

وهنيءا لك يا هابيل
يا من كسبت الاثنين
و كسبت محبتنا الى يوم الدين

اللهم الطف بنا
و اصرف عنا شر من نعرفه ومن لا نعرفه

In this post, i am writing about
Adam’s two sons; Cain and Abel, or
as we call them in Arabic kabil and Habil.
I tried to compare the two inner nature of
these two sons as was reflected by
their words in the Quran.
I wondered how habil’s kind and gentle
talking reflects his pure and simple soul
Actually, for those who know the story,
they can not deny that he always represented
a bright calm image.
On the opposite, there is Cain; a restless soul,
violent in his responses and harsh in his talking. He envied and laughed at his brother’s kindness. And so we imagine him as an evil person with dull and pale image; someone we would do our best not to talk, or to meet or even look at.
I wondered if evil is taught in psychology?
Is it considered a mental problem that need medical consideration?
Actually, I don’t know the answer?
And I also don’t know why evil is spreading that much though we were taught when we were little children and keep teaching our children never to be like evil Cain who killed his brother?

But what I know is that Cain has become
a symbol of evil and he lost everything.
But Abel really won; not only an eternal blessed life , but also our love and respect.
May God guide us to righteousness and
Keep evil away from our path in this life.