How would you like to look like?


Have you ever felt that you can hardly tell if this is the real colour of eye, hair, and skin of the person you are talking to or seeing. And unless you know them, you can not even guess their age?

Definitely, everyone has the right to choose the look that satisfy one’s physical, psychological, social, religious, … needs. And i am not saying that we, especially women, should answer the question; How Old Are You?
I have just been concerned about how beauty and cosmetic industry has been used to hide ourselves not just from others but from our own selves. Some people can no longer believe that they are beautiful unless they change their appearance. Others may feel socially inferior if they do not change their look or the opposite they may believe they are highly civilised and more confident when they change their appearance? And sometimes, others refuse to admit that they are getting old and decide to look and live young. In other words, the new marketing of beauty as a commodity, make some, if not many, people refuse to admit that beauty is not limited to shape, look and age group. There is the inner beauty that would make us look beautiful, feel young and build self-esteem!
Let’s ask; how would a person perceive herself/himself when looking at any mirror and see a totally different person; no defects, no wrinkles and facial features have been adjusted and polished. No wonder that such a person would feel 100 percent amazed, happy and wonderful. But for how long will this excitement last? And for how long will that person deny that human perfection is impossible and beauty is a relative concept? Why not thinking that having brown eye colour is as beautiful as having them green, blue, or black. And having grey hair is an indication of a new stage in life that could be as wonderful as that of a young adult or teenager.

My sister once told me about her friend who used to wear full make because she thought she was not that beautiful. Unfortunately, when she married, she had to keep this amazing beautiful look 24 hours everyday because her husband did not know how she really looked like. However, this could not last and he discovered her real image which he did know and their life turned upside down. I have no idea if they were divorced or not?

This is the same with some old people who do their best and pay fortunes to look young, though they would definitely face sarcastic jokes that would also turn their life upside down.
Looking after one’s body, keeping heathy, staying hygienic and feeling good and looking nice, by all means, are wonderful things that would keep our life going smoothly and peacefully. However, using cosmetic products to challenge, conceal and deny who and how we really are, could result in a real regret in our life.
Therefore, if you ever think about ; how would you like to look? Would you try these advices which i have been thinking for you and me;

Love how you are and think “ why?” before changing your appearance.
We have been created different but equal,
Different in colour, shape , size and age but equal so no need to feel inferior or suffer from low self-esteem.
Enjoy every stage in your life and respect your age.
Feel young but do not pretend to be,
Welcome the days when being grand parents or retired.
Use beauty products and choose the brands you like to add fun, enjoyment, and love to your life but let yourself and others believe that you are beautiful without them too!
It’s you who are beautiful not your makeup sets or a cosmetic expert or clinic that make you pretty.
Remember that a smiley face, kind heart, and pure soul could create a fabulous appearance and great impressions.
Finally don’t say your AGE and don’t hide from it either!
All the best,