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Dream high


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Once upon a time, there were three friends; they were poor, very poor, unnoticed and worthless. What they owned in their life was three donkeys and their job was to transport people, goods and luggage from one place to another. This was how they earned their living.
One night, after a long day of hard work under the sun of the Arabian summer. They threw their bodies over the smooth sand of the desert. The full moon and the shiny stars lit the dark doom; it was no longer dark and a beautiful sparkly night was all they can see.
One of the three men closed his eyes and said: ‘Imagine my friends that I become the ruler of this country; the sovereign majesty, make a wish?
His friends laughed and laughed.

The first friend looked at the dreamer and said: ‘you be the ruler, the sovereign. No way.’

The dreamer said: ‘Just imagine, man, you wouldn’t lose anything.’

The friend said: ‘ Ok, Mr dreamer, I want a house with a magnificent garden.’

The dreamer looked at the other friend and said: what about you?

The other said: ‘This cannot be. This would never be. A donkey cart plodder would never have dreams. We’ve no future, friend.’

The dreamer did not give up: ‘It’s me who imagine not you; this is my thought, my idea. Imagine!’

His friend got-up, collected his stuff, rode his donkey and said: ‘Let your guards carry me backwards on a donkey and let them announce to everybody that I’m a fool who didn’t believe that dreams can be true.

‘As you wish, my friend,’ said the dreamer.
In the morning the dreamer deserted his friends. He sold his donkey and looked for a different way to earn his living; a watchman, a constable, an officer, a member of the town authority, an advisor, a consultant,… finally, he married the deceased ruler’s wife and became the guardian of her eight years son. He ruled the whole country until the former ruler’s son was 16 years old.

Thirty years had passed since his friends laughed at him dreaming of ruling the country. At his prosperous days, he remembered his friends and ordered his guards to bring them.
His old friends were still donkey cart plodders but their friend, the crowned head, reminded them of their wishes.
The first was mad with happiness; he was granted a house with a magnificent garden.

The second regretted that wish ever since.

Ps, this is an old story in the Arabic history with real names and incidents but what I can remember is just the main plot; therefore, I have made some adaptations.

Dream high. Dreams can be true.

Wishing you all the best,


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The Pyramids


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Have you ever visited the pyramids?

I have but a long time ago. My boys went there once but I’m sure they would not remember that trip because they were so young but my daughter hasn’t yet.

A long time ago, going to the pyramids was one of the main school trips and of course, it was always during the winter. They are beautiful; three pyramids; stand together not far or so close. The stones used in the building are amazing; they were collected or cut from a quarry, transported in boats sailing over the Nile, pushed over the dampened sand in huge sledges which were dragged by horses, camels and well-fed builders. At last, those stones were hauled through ramps over ramps over ramps until the building was done. How those ramps were exactly constructed is still one of the ancient Egyptian mysteries!

Do you think the Pharaohs had built these Pyramids to be one of the seven world wonders? Or to enter Guinness World records? Definitely NO.

These pyramids were built to be tombs; sacred, powerful and maybe cursed too.  The Pharaohs believed in immortality. Their corpses and food were mummified. Their jewellery, money and other special items were locked in their tombs too. Their Statues were sculpted and placed in magnificent temples. Paintings of their images and life were carved on the walls of tombs and temples. Why did they think of those complicated procedures? They did all that because they believed in life after death.  They believed their souls would come back to their dead bodies and they would rule and live but in a different way; not as a supreme ruler but as a god. This is why the heart was the only organ to be left in the dead body. This is also why they locked all their valuable and precious things in their tombs. It is also said that Pharaohs cast special spells to protect their tombs.

I don’t like to get inside the pyramids; so dark and humid; besides it is not well ventilated especially with so many people.  And the most important thing is not to get the Pharaoh’s curse (joking). This was many years ago; maybe things inside have changed.

Let me know if you have ever been there.

Wishing you all the best,