I wondered what to write here and how it can be different to about me section. Then i realised that when i wrote about me, i tried to briefly introduce  myself so when you decide to visit or follow my blog, you know the person behind the screen.  However, in this section, i would like to explain what this blog is about.

Mainly, this blog is about my thoughts as a Muslim, an arabic women, a wife, a mother, a reader, an observer or let’s say a contempelator. Therefore, family, arabic, religion, books, widom, history, and education will be the sources for my thoughts and experiences that i would like to share. However, sometimes other interests might come up and one day i may decide to share a food receipe or write a story!

I will try to keep simple and pure in all my writings because if i have ever thought about the message and purpose of this blog, i would think of a reminder; to live simple and pure life. This is not only for my readers but also for my self.

Finally, I would like to welcome and thank everyone who would read, follow, leave a comment or just visit my blog.

With all best wishes,