It has been four months since I posted anything on WordPress. I’ve really missed it and missed visiting and reading others’ blogs. It looks like I haven’t signed in for ages, but, sometimes, other priorities take all your time.

Today is raining heavily, and thunder is expected in midday, but it’s not cold.  So, the rain was the motivation, the inspiration to sign in and write something, but not about rain.

Today, I remembered an Arabic proverb about a lazy woman always likes to get help without lending others a hand with anything;

‘Pour me some of this fresh milk,’ the woman said, but she didn’t get any container.

‘Shall we pour the milk into our hands or any of the bowls you left on the shelves in your house,’ the neighbours replied.

In other words, how we can help if you didn’t give us a hand.

Wishing you all the best,












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