Ask the wise!



One day the wise man was asked:

How old are you?

I’m in good health.

Do you have enough money?

I’m not in debt

Do you have any enemies?

I live away from my relatives.


Relatives. That was my inspiration for blogging today. I haven’t planned to live that far from my relatives but that’s how my life becomes. I’m missing family gatherings and talks.  I’m missing more the feeling of their support. Every year, we go to see the elderly who are still there and those who were once little but are no longer now. But also every year I appreciate how living far was a real privilege.

What do you think about the wise man’s answers?

Wishing you all the best,







5 thoughts on “Ask the wise!”

  1. We are as old and as young any way we feel. Age is just a number. We can have the minimum but live a rich life. We all have different personalities and habits of life. Yes, family gathering is precious but I also learn to respect their way of thinking and living and not judging. Thank you for your post, Nahla!

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  2. Nahla, I loved this share, and the wise mans answers was very wise..
    While living so far away from relatives I know can be lonely in that we can not share day to day experiences..
    But then on the other hand we can not find ourselves in dispute with them..
    You know the old saying.. We can pick our friends, but we can not choose our families..
    So it is nice to have meaningful family reunions.. Such as you have..
    Sorry for the neglecting of your blog.. It was far from intentional.. I have not been as regular in my reader for a while now..

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