I love holidays


This summer holiday, my children wanted to visit the pyramids and go to any nice beach in Egypt. The beach was a good idea but visiting the pyramids in August means we would melt.  Anyway, both plans didn’t work which was great because the weather was too hot to go out during the day.

As usual, we spent the holiday visiting the family which was good for my children to practise their Arabic.  Sometimes, we went shopping at night; big shopping malls have been one of the modern characteristics of Cairo. My children liked to go to some of them but this holiday they were shocked at the prices; when I asked them to calculate the difference between the Egyptian and English pound, they realised that it’s the same.

One of the main things I always mention in my posts is that I really love being on holiday with my children. Together; we laugh, we play, we talk, we eat, we try new things, we go shopping, we see old photos, remember old days,  listen to old tales, we sleep by sunrise, we get up at noon, and we really have fun even though we couldn’t have any of our plans done.

Let me know how was your holiday?

Wishing you all the best,




6 thoughts on “I love holidays”

  1. I’m glad you have a good holiday with your children. I wish I had visited Cairo when my brother-in-law stationed there as a navy engineer for five years. My husband said it was too hot. Maybe you could bring something back so you could remember your old days.

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  2. Nothing beats holiday memories Nahla and so pleased you enjoyed your family holiday my friend.. Its been hot here too in England these past two months, but its cooled down a little with some rain now..
    We went in the Spring to Scotland and enjoyed our week there..
    Enjoy the rest of Summer holidays with your boys my friend..
    Take care.. Sue ❤

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