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Children Imagination

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Children has a wild imagination which is really nice, good and interesting but sometimes this imagination, instead of being fun, turns your day or may be your week upside down. Here comes the problem!

One day, my daughter’s friend told her that a bone was stuck in her throat and she went to see her doctor, he got it out and she was fine, playing and happy; a simple tale (may be made up by her friend), but it wasn’t so for my daughter; she listened and imagined the process, stored the details in her brain for later which was not that far.

She imagined everything, she ate or would eat, would be stuck in her throat, vegetables in her soup, mashed potato, everything soft or hard; how long I explained and how she  listened carefully was good, really good, at least her panic was a bit relieved and she would eat little and go to play, but soon she would come back, crying, repeating the whole story.

Finally I explained how her body is very clever; there is a liquid inside her mouth (is it Saliva? I think so) helps her sharp teeth  mash and ground all of what she eats, some water or juice will do a great job to also help her strong tongue swallow and push everything through her throat straight away into her stomach. And it works.

‘Of course nothing could ever be stuck in my throat,’ she boasted.

‘Yes, and thank God,’ I prayed.

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15 thoughts on “Children Imagination”

  1. Nahla, you have a nice way to explain to your daughter. I hope she gets over her fear soon. I remember eating fish as a kid and the fish bone stuck in my throat as I swallow. It took a long time to get rid of it.
    For the sake of digestion, I was told to chew 100 times before I swallow. It turns out that in the process of chewing, I feel the bones and avoid swallowing them.

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  2. I think you did a wonderful job in explanation. and yes to a child who has a vivid imagination I can see how difficult this was for her.. I am pleased you were able to quell her fears .. The last thing needed if for her to develop fear of eating..
    So I am happy she is alright now.. What a great Mother you are.. ❤

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      1. Haha.. lol, knowing when to be kind and when to be firm.. Are all the Signs of Good Mother.. I also told my granddaughter who is Seven, off yesterday.. She has a habit which she gets away at home with, to eat the middle out of her sandwiches .. Wasting perfectly good wholemeal brown bread.. 🙂 Sometimes firmness is required.. 🙂 ❤

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