Tastes differ!



Yesterday I read a couple of interesting posts about food which inspired me to join the club and write something about the same topic but in different way.

Sometimes parents force their children to eat certain food even if those little ones’ tears run down their innocent faces asking for mercy not to eat it. But we ‘parents’ believe that if we don’t do that we won’t be good parents and we won’t be caring that much about our beloved children. We also wonder if we like that food, how come they don’t like it? We think if it’s important and healthy for our bodies, they have to eat it. And we keep thinking a lot ignoring the fact that the child might get all that benefits from another source of food, something they like its taste and smell.

My older son doesn’t like mango at all and hates its smell; I really couldn’t understand how come he wouldn’t like this juicy sweetie fruit which I adored? One day I forced him to eat a tiny bit just to know its taste hoping he might change his mind. But this was the worst idea ever because he felt sick and was very upset. What was for me juicy and sweetie was for him slimy and gross, it was as if all his senses hated it and refused to welcome any of its nutrients to get inside his body. But at that day, I wondered why I forced him in the first place especially as I had similar experience with another kind of food?

When I was little; I didn’t like the smell of cooked liver; it made me feel sick and I would definitely never taste it. The day we had cooked liver for dinner was my worst day ever as everything would smell liver: bread, rice, salad, plates, spoons, towels, etc. I don’t remember that my parents had forced me to eat it, but my mother used to make some tricks like changing the way she cooked it or giving her dish a new name. But I would always find out the truth even before tasting the meal as its smell is so distinguishable; something that could never be concealed. When getting older, I learned about the function of liver in science class and I really felt grateful that I had never tasted it. Honestly, I have never cooked liver in my house for my husband and children and I don’t know how to buy it. But they do eat it at their grandparents’ house; just little portions and I would never ask them to have more.

I know different stories about people of different age group who don’t like other kinds of food, for example: milk, fish, cheese, tomatoes, etc but this doesn’t mean that it’s the food being tasted is itself bad or horrible. It’s just something inside our bodies that do not accept that food. There are taste preferences and aversions and there should be a space for letting others make their own choice as what you adore, others might abhor!

What do you think?

Wishing you all the best,



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