Asking about you?


Today I’m delighted and I am going to ask about you

I want you to be delighted too

But you say people never do

What about me?  I do!

But, alas, you would never hear me do!

And keep talking, you do

One day, you will do.

Exchanging warm greetings, we will do

But then complaining, you will do

Life becomes unbearable you told me so

Asking for a favour, you will do

I say sorry I don’t know

You say I always don’t know.

I say sorry I can’t help you;

You say I would never do.

How was my day? Would you ever want to know?

Happy, sad or worried; would you feel how I do?

Next time I want to ask about you

I pause and ask; should I really do?

My heart would say please do

My brain would say please no.

Listen to my heart, I have to do

Because this is the best I can do.


Wishing you all the best,




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