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Parents’ evening

Parents’ evening is a good opportunity to know about your children progress at school and to know what their teachers and friends see and tell about them away from their parents’ eyes.

Academic achievements is always the main concern of most parents. Most of us would probably ask; how far my son or daughter is doing in Math, science, English and other subjects? what does he/ she need to get better? However, as well as children’s reports would be different, also parents’ attitudes towards these evenings are different. Actually, this is very interesting for me.

One of my friends told me once that her parents had never attended any parents’ evenings; they were more concerned about the end of year results or the marks she got at any exam and because she was doing well; they had never attended any of those evenings. This does not mean that they didn’t care but their point of view is that everything will be reflected in their school reports.

Other parents, would never miss out any parents’ evenings. They get their golden opportunity  to explode with all those negative thoughts about their children or the school. This group usually take more than the expected time for a meeting. Last year, my husband told me that one of the parents kept arguing and arguing; apparently he was complaining either about his child’s performance or the school in general. Those parents also care about their children but this is their way to complain to make sure that their children get the best of everything even if this was not possible either from the perspective of a school or the abilities of children.

Is there other group? Yes there is those parents always happy to attend and to meet with the teachers; they might be a bit late but it does not matter, they come any way. For them everything is positive and wonderful and they can not wait to spread the good news about their children’s wonderful performance at school ignoring that there was a tiny missing part of the story about their children being a bit behind or any other educational issue. They also care but they have their special way!

Who else do I see? Actually , I see us, and there are many like us, who also would try to attend all meetings as far as we can, but who also do not talk too much. We usually finish within the time or may be earlier. We listen more than we talk and this is why I think we usually finish early. We, and many other parents, believe that the academic performance is important but we also believe that the way teachers talk, and the expressions they show about our children is important too. I feel happy when I see their teachers’ big smile and feel the affection and joy in their voices while talking about my children which is the best thing any parent should be proud of.

Next time when you have a parents’ evening at your children’s school, remember to watch how parents would act while waiting for your turn.

Parents have different philosophies, haven’t they?

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7 thoughts on “Parents’ evening”

  1. Nicely summed up. There are all categories of parental approach and behaviour at the parent’s night in school. I always endeavour to attend my children’s parents night and listen to what the teachers have to say. I think being so verbally negative towards a child’s academic performance is laying emphasis on the only book knowledge. I am happier knowing that my child is properly grounded both in academics and social part of schooling.

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  2. Parents evenings are vital for us as parents to listen to the teacher’s comments about our children. I would not always be able to attend due to me being working often full time, but I would take time off to go if not my husband would go instead.
    Its not always about how well they are progressing academically but other issues may present themselves as to how well they integrate in class, are they shy, or extrovert,
    My own parents once I went to secondary school five miles away from our village home, they never came to any parents evenings ever as they had not the transport or the funds to travel on limited bus time tables.
    Many thanks for sharing..

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    1. Yes that’s true. It’s good to know more about our children from their teachers. And i know how it is too hard to attend any if the school is that far especially as these evenings usually start late. Thanks for reading and your comment

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