Once upon a time…



Have you ever noticed that most of the wise tales and sayings are narrated by Old people? Even in movies, it’s usually old people who advise, guide, support and make sacrifices? In other words, they are people of wisdom.

Do you think old people, sixty or seventy years ago, had ever suffered from depression or anxiety?

I don’t think they know about depression or neurosis and I don’t think they were 100 % mentally stable either.

However, in old days, old age was respected and reverted . It was an honor to help an old man or woman; their respect was a must, being surrounded by family and relatives was a popular custom and being important not useless was how they felt. It was not wrong to be old, it was not a defect, and it was not an illness. It was a bless to have old people in your place, exactly as it is a bless to have young children. Babies make our life happier and old people makes it wiser. In return, young people around them and the whole society share those sentiments of importance and goodness, appreciate the life of old people among them, and learn from their experience and pass it on to following generations.

As far as I can remember, my grandparents looked always old though I don’t think they were that old as in their days people used to get married at an early age. They always had a walking stick, were sleeping too much, talking a little, telling weird tales, hearing everything, yelling at any noise, keeping all their old stuff, and knowing everyone. They were too cautious, too secretive, and too powerful too as their words and demands were always obeyed. Honestly, I used to think about them as scary and in most cases I would avoid them.

But, on the other side, they were gathering the whole family with its different generations. They were happy and proud to have us and we were happy and proud to have them. When they died, their whole extended family never gathered together; they did see each other on social occasions and they did call to ask and say hello but there wasn’t such an abundance of everything even in feelings.

This is why I don’t think old people, long time ago, had ever suffered from any depression because it mainly resulted from our inability to face realities, to accept our age limits and overcome our fears and worries (this is my simple understanding). In this case, why would they be depressed? They already had  accepted the idea of being old, their society honored this stage in life, and more important they did not fear it.

Do you remember that once upon a time a wise man told the king that…

And do you also remember that one day  your grandmother wisely said…

Wishing you all the best,




8 thoughts on “Once upon a time…”

  1. Wise words Nahla.. and now I am a grandmother, in our modern day world.. I can say, in all honesty, yes I suffered depression..

    I think in times gone by, Depression was not looked upon or recognised.. Our Grandparents I am sure suffered their ups and downs in life like most of us.. But no big deal was made of getting upset.. So they got on with life, making the best of what they had.. So I agree with what you are saying.. 🙂
    Today when life is not working out for us, Society in general runs to the Dr for a pill to make them feel better.. often resulting in more pills ..

    I think our grandparents were wise because they had been there, done that and had long thrown away the T-shirt.. :-D.. So they saw how we were making our own mistakes…

    But isn’t that often the way we only have in learning, through our own mistakes..

    Many thanks for your thoughts today Nahla.. I enjoyed reading them. xx

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      1. Thank you, Nahla.. I grew up as a teenager often depressed and had a breakdown in my 40’s.
        But now I am far far from depressed.. only occasionally with the World.. But I can do nothing about that other than alter my own self.. When we learn to alter the world we first must alter ourselves. for We are our community, our community is our countries and our countries are the world.. IT all begins with Self.. So the more I try to make other people see, it is we who have to change our way of thinking, to love, unite, tolerate and not judge, the more I help the world.. and myself..
        I woke up to myself and the world a long while ago Nahla and I so thank you for your great compliment of my blog. It means a lot..
        Many thanks.. 💚🌹

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  2. Over time we accumulate much knowledge and I look forward to sharing it with those I care about in my older age when that time comes. I know what you mean! But I will have to disagree with your comment about depression and anxiety not occurring back when. I think it existed but there weren’t names for the condition and it was hidden even more than it is now. Hugs!

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    1. Yes, you are right but this is based on some tales my mother told me about her grandparents or old people in her time.
      Of course it can’t be general; may be it was better to mention this in my post.
      Thanks so much for your comment and reading.


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