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There is a well-known saying: “ the only person you can change is yourself” 

Although it always used in the context of challenging oneself to be better. When i read it today i remembered my sons’ hairstyle. 

Last year, my sons decided to have a new hair style; something completely different to how we used to see them. At the beginning, both their father and I angrily said “we don’t like this and we don’t see anyone we know have this hair style even your friends?” They both have the same answer; “ Exactly! This is what we like, we don’t copy anyone else.” 

I told my husband it’s just about time and they will change it. But he said “ No, they won’t” and it was true as for more than a year now they haven’t changed it. 

Do you think i give up? No. Sometimes, i said i am not going to pay for your haircut. Sometimes i said look what others are telling me about your hair? Sometimes i send them their old photos.
But nothing has changed. 

It’s us who decided to change. Honestly, we still don’t like it but instead of being angry, we take it as a joke giving names to their hairstyle and every now and then we check its length and texture! And my sons laugh and reply; “thank you, we like it and won’t change it.”

It’s really hard to change any person even if they are your own sons! 

With all best wishes,



14 thoughts on “Hairstyle”

  1. Hello Nahla, thank you for making yourself known over at my blog,
    And yes, it is true, sometimes our children test us to our limits.. lol. My own are now well grown and long flown the nest..
    But we have to allow our children to be the individuals they are, When they get to certain ages, we can only guide and offer advice, it is up to them if they choose to take it..
    And I think acceptance is what you are teaching us here also in your post.. We may not always approve, but we have to accept that they have their lives with their choices and lessons along the way..
    Thankfully it is just a hairstyle, .

    Many thanks for sharing..
    Wishing you and your family well, and I loved your about Me page also.

    Take care..
    Sue 😀

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