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A Lesson from Penguins!

During our visit to the zoo this summer, we could not wait to see those beautiful penguins and were looking forward to watching them having fun in their water pool.

But I really did not enjoy the scene there; it was a very hot day! The penguins were suffering from the heat and looking very miserable and exhausted! They either laid down completely motionless or were standstill with fully opened mouth doing their best to survive the heat!

I wondered what kind of entertainment is that! I really felt sorry for them and wished we had not stopped at their pool!

My daughter did not recognize them.

I said: “ look! These are the penguins!” but she said: “ No they are not!” and kept looking for the cute Antarctic penguins similar to those ones seen on TV.

But while writing this post, I decided to check if all penguins live in cold climate? I found out that the answer is “No”. This means that those penguins probably might not have been suffering much that day!

It’s not only because of my poor knowledge about different species of penguins that I believe they were going to die that day, but I also did not read their identification sign!

And why did not I read it?

Because I know they are Penguins!

But this was not enough!

This was why I saw them miserable though they might not be!

To know better is to read and ask more and maybe watching carefully to enjoy the scene!

A good lesson this summer!

Wishing you all the best,


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