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No internet Zone

On Sunday, it was sunny and we decided to have a day out at one of beaches here in the UK.

The best thing is that our day was without INTERNET!

My husband’s mobile, which is usually our source for sharing data, was broken down, my teens got limited internet (usually ran out of data) My phone has also limited data and finally no I Pad for my little daughter!

We stopped by the fair where my daughter had a go on some rides. Since the games are not suitable for their age, her brothers started grumbling: “ when is she going to finish?

Soon we were on the sandy beach! Still sunny but colder than expected

But where was the sea?

The water was so far away; it was a very low tide!

“No water fun and cold weather” my sons complained!

But my daughter ran to explore and we after her while my husband offered to take care of our stuff at a nice quiet spot,  but, probably, he wanted to grab a long nap!

“Bored” my sons said and complained: when would we go home?

“Happy and excited ” was my daughter saying: I do not want to go home?

I was happy; totally happy!

“ Let’s dig a big hole”, I suggested!

It was fun as my daughter decided to jump over it. She ran as far as she could but instead of jumping over, she fell in. We all laughed!

We collected shells and threw stones!

Simple free games!

Few hours passed without internet kept us close again even if we did not do that much!

Internet is wonderful invention!

But is it not better to have your family around in No Internet Zone?

What do you think?

Wishing you all the best,


14 thoughts on “No internet Zone”

  1. Sounds like such a fun day at the beach with the family. Haha, maybe your husband was just tired and wanted to sleep by himself at the beach. Glad the kids found fun digging in the sand and throwing shells. They sound very energetic on this no internet day 🙂

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