Pure thought

When she was young, if she felt very upset, scared or angry, she used to keep herself in a quite place, whatever it is, a corner, a room or even pretend to be asleep, just to be away from others in what she thought was quite space just for her.

What did she do then?
She talked to God. She was not praying, but she just talked and talked and got all those annoying, angry or sad feelings outside of her head. She did not realise that any one of her family would surely be able to hear her as she actually was not whispering. Neither did she think that she might be the main cause of those feelings because she was wrong and her mother was right to say “no”!

She just have full trust in God, trusted Him listening, watching and relieving her burdens. Once, she finished, she usually felt relieved. She either forgot what the problem was, something nice happened , e.g a visit from a friend, or her parents, probably had been listening to all of her talking, would give her a hug and a kiss then they would agree to make some sort of a compromise!

She has grown up, got married and become a mother but still have the same habit. There is just a tiny difference; she is no longer that little kid who could not realise how obviously loud was her weeping and wailing. Now her talking to God is less than whispering, in fact she just looks at the sky and talks without words. And she still have the same reassuring consequences, similar to those she had experienced when she was little. These days, her children would turn up and say sorry, she would get an unexpected call from her husband during his busy working hours, she would receive good news, or would forget about the whole issue.

She does not know how she got this habit but she is totally sure that it is intuitive. What’s new is that she’s now not just practising a habit but also thinking about it and asking:

Who else would we give our fully trust? 

Who else would keep our secrets and relieve our burdens? 

Who else would we ask for help, support and comfort especially in time of distress?

Who else would we pray to grant our wishes and fulfil our plans? 

Who else could have the absolute power?

Who else would give without asking and forgive without asking? 

Is that this pure intuition of believing how the Creator is very close? 

Is that the simple belief of the heart that knows the answers before asking questions? 

Now she understands that it has not been just a childish habit but a belief that we all are born with. We can pretend to forget or just ignore until this deep belief comes out naturally when we realise how weak and miserable we are without the support of the Creator!  
She might be you or me!
Wishing you all the best,

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