Why blogging? Why pure and simple?



IMG_0796Social media for me is not really that important. When I decided to have a facebook account, it was, honestly, for two reasons; the first was to keep an eye on my boys who decided to have one. I did not want to spy on them but I just was too curious to know how they would use it.  The second was to keep in touch with my family and friends.

I have no idea what is blogging and how to have one? And i really still need more time to know well about it. It was one day when watching a video on youtube, I noticed the word blog. Actually, at the same time, i was thinking about writing and publishing, sending my work to online magazines. Both of these indicents  resulted in me joining  the world of bloggig where i can write, publish, and read others’ work; it’s more than an interest, it’s a choice, and a good way to have a productive spare time.

As for pure and simple, it was within the first couple of minutes, i decided to have this title. These were the first two words that came to my mind. I like simplicity; Complex and  complicatecd are too hard for me even in cooking! And I like purity and its meaning for me reflects what is good, honest, clear, bright …

I like to keep my life simple and hope to live purely as far as i can!


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