Wonderful Peace


Peace, peace, wonderful peace,

Flowing down from the father above,

Sweep over my spirit forever I pray,

In fathomless billows of love





In these days, when we cannot escape terror and war news everywhere I decided to read a random book from my bookshelf.   I was deeply influenced when reading Peace, peace, wonderful peace. Then my 5 years old daughter asked me to play Minecraft (an electronic game) together since she was on her mid-term break. When we started the game, I asked her; would you like to play survival or creative? She said: creative. Actually, she always chose creative, and said; creative because we can do wonderful things and there will be no greedy bad zombies to destroy what we do. I was surprised by this intuitively pure innocent soul of children who can understand and choose peace. Hence; with the word peace in my mind, creative mode in front of me and the terror news around, I decided to turn my thoughts into this sarcastic story.


Hello and welcome

This is Mrs Entertainer and welcome to our guest Mr Truth in our popular Peace programme

Mrs Entertainer: It’s lovely to talk about Peace especially these days, isn’t it?

Mr Truth: Yes; PEACE is what we really need. The world needs peaceful plans that encourage peaceful co-existence, collaboration, and creativity?

Mrs Entertainer: Fantastic; that’s really interesting but sorry will continue after the news.

Welcome to our world news

Let’s see what on today.

Wars are spreading everywhere,

East and west

North and south

Whatever and wherever

Holy lands, deprived lands, civilised lands,

Poor or Wealthy,

And what else in our news!

WOW Look at these smiley faces,

Latest designer dresses and suits,

Eloquent Photos and speeches,

Festivals and banquets,

What a lovely peaceful event!

And here is the latest news

The world is witnessing a great deal ….a great WEAPON DEAL

That’s our world news for today,

Mrs Entertainer: Let’s continue our programme about PEACE. Have you seen what was on the news? The great billions deal that’s a great investment! Isn’t it Mr Truth?

Mr Truth: But, excuse me! What is this deal for?

Mrs Entertainer, I have just said in the news; it’s a great WEAPON DEAL to help secure the region

Mr Truth: Surely, this is not for PEACE

Mrs Entertainer:   Do not worry Mr Truth, we can say it is a weapon deal for peaceful goals and let’s talk about your peaceful plans and hope they may be achieved one day by these billions

Mr Truth: Yes, this is true. This is what we already can do but actually this can be more powerful than these billions

Let’s believe in the power of our Prayer!

Let’s not just talk and dream but also pray, pray deeply from our heart!

Let’s pray that we love, live in and work for peace

Let’s pray to have this pure innocent soul of children who love and forgive

Let’s pray that our youth be creative, and enjoy building, planting, feeding, caring and sharing

Let’s pray that we stop playing these survival games for the pleasure of having power.

Let’s be creative and aspire for peaceful humanity

May God grant us a peaceful life and may our children live in a better and more peaceful world than our.

Mrs Entertainer is silent and Mr Truth is leaving

End of the Programme



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