قصة الاخوين

IMG_0487قصص القرءان الكريم كلها جميلة
منها قصة الاخوين

قصص القرءان الكريم كلها جميلة
منها قصة الاخوين
ابناء ادم عليه و على رسولنا ورسل الله جميعا الصلاة والسلام

كم كان كلام هابيل هادءا طيبا صادقا
فقال “انما يتقبل الله من المتقين”
و قال “انى اخاف الله رب العالمين”
والله وجوه ناضرة
وقلوب طيبة
و نفوس هادءة

و كم كان قابيل حاسداً عنيفاً كاذباً
فرد قاءلا “لاقتلنك”
والله يعرف المجرمون بسيماهم
وجوههم مسودة
و حياتهم جحيم
نفاق و حسد و تجسس ومكر

لا اعرف ان كان الشر يدرس فى علم النفس
قد يكون من الحالات النفسية المرضية المزمنة

و لا اعرف كيف كثر قابيل فى هذا الزمن
مع اننا تعلمنا منذ الصغر ونعلم ابناءنا
ايالك اياك ان تكون مثل قابيل!

لكنى اعرف جيدا كيف خسر قابيل حياته واخرته
واصبح رمزا للشر واخرته

وهنيءا لك يا هابيل
يا من كسبت الاثنين
و كسبت محبتنا الى يوم الدين

اللهم الطف بنا
و اصرف عنا شر من نعرفه ومن لا نعرفه

In this post, i am writing about
Adam’s two sons; Cain and Abel, or
as we call them in Arabic kabil and Habil.
I tried to compare the two inner nature of
these two sons as was reflected by
their words in the Quran.
I wondered how habil’s kind and gentle
talking reflects his pure and simple soul
Actually, for those who know the story,
they can not deny that he always represented
a bright calm image.
On the opposite, there is Cain; a restless soul,
violent in his responses and harsh in his talking. He envied and laughed at his brother’s kindness. And so we imagine him as an evil person with dull and pale image; someone we would do our best not to talk, or to meet or even look at.
I wondered if evil is taught in psychology?
Is it considered a mental problem that need medical consideration?
Actually, I don’t know the answer?
And I also don’t know why evil is spreading that much though we were taught when we were little children and keep teaching our children never to be like evil Cain who killed his brother?

But what I know is that Cain has become
a symbol of evil and he lost everything.
But Abel really won; not only an eternal blessed life , but also our love and respect.
May God guide us to righteousness and
Keep evil away from our path in this life.







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